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This site features amazing pumpkin carving ideas, and the most gruesome party ideas, horrific costumes, fun projects, tasty treats, ghastly games, must see movies, and pictures to die for.Misc. section contains quotes, morbid jokes, poetry, short stories, step by step instructions on how to create your own Halloween party easy and more!The Misc. section has been redone entirely and lots has been added.  It is easier to maneuver and it looks better and there is many more sections such as “How to do Gothic Makeup,” and popular horror hoaxes. I have borrowed many of the images on this site, if you see any of your own images please let me know who to credit, or tell me to remove them. If you take any of the images here, please credit the appropriate author, and link to their sites directly.The whole site has been updated.  You’ll see where new content has been added by